Timetable of St Ives and Needingworth classes: April-July 2019
To enquire about any of our classes or to book a trial place, please contact us.

 Saturday's - St Ives One Leisure  
 Time Class
 8.30-9.00am Preparatory Modern Jazz
 9.00-9.30am Grade 1 Modern Jazz
 9.30-10.15am Grade 3 Modern Jazz
 10.15-11.00am Grade 3 Modern Jazz
 11.00-11.45am Grade 3 Modern Jazz (exam class)
 11.45-12.45pm Advanced Foundation Modern Jazz (New)
 12.45-1.45pm Grade 5 Modern Jazz 
 1.45-2.45pm Grade 4 Modern Jazz
 2.45-3.45pm Advanced Foundation Modern Jazz
 3.45-4.45pm Intermediate Modern Jazz
 Monday's - St Ives One Leisure 
 Time Class
 3.45-4.15pm Melody Movement-Yr 2/Beginners Ballet
 4.00-4.45pm Junior Acting Classes (8-10 years)
 4.15-4.45pm Primary Ballet
 4.45-5.15pm Introduction to Grade 1 Ballet
 4.45-5.45pm Intermediate Acting Classes (11 years+)
 5.15-5.45pm Introduction to Grade 1 Ballet (exam class)
 Tuesday's - St Ives One Leisure 
 3.45-4.15pm Melody Movement-Year 1
 4.15-5.00pm Grade 4 Ballet (new)
 5.00-6.00pm Intermediate Ballet
 6.00-7.15pm Advanced Foundation Ballet
 Wednesday's - St Ives One Leisure  
 Time Class 
 3.45-4.15pm Preparatory Ballet
 4.15-5.00pm Grade 2 Ballet
 5.00-5.45pm Grade 2 Ballet (exam class)
 5.45-6.45pm Grade 4 Ballet
 6.45-7.45pm Grade 5 Ballet
 7.45-8.45pm Intermediate Ballet
 8.45-9.30pm Body Conditioning & Strength Training
 Wednesday's - St Ives Corn Exchange  
 Time Class 
 5.15-6.00pm Street Dance for 6-9 years
 6.00-6.45pm Street Dance for 6-9 years


 Junior Contemporary for 7-9 years
 7.45-8.45pm Adult Street Dance with Conditioning
 Thursday's - St Ives One Leisure 
 Time Class
 5.15-6.00pm Street Dance for 10-13 years
 6.00-7.00pm Street Dance for 14-18 years
 Saturday's - Needingworth  
 Time Class
 8.45-9.30am Grade 2 Modern Jazz
 9.30-10.00am Preparatory Modern Jazz (Exam class)
 10.00-10.30am Preparatory Tap (Exam class)
 10.30-11.00am Beginners Tap
 11.00-11.30am Beginners Modern Jazz
 11.30-12.15pm Grade 1 Tap
 12.15-1.00pm Grade 3 Tap
 1.00-2.00pm Intermediate Tap
 2.00-3.00pm Grade 6 Tap
 Monday's - Needingworth 
 Time Class
 6.00-6.45pm Grade 2 Tap
 7.00-8.00pm Adult Ballet - Intermediate level
 8.00-9.00pm Adult Ballet - Advanced level
 Tuesday's - Needingworth 
 Time Class
 5.00-6.00pm Intermediate Contemporary for 10+ years
Thursday's - Needingworth 
 Time Class
 6.00-7.00pm Grade 5 Tap
 Friday's - Needingworth 
 Time Class
 5.00-5.45pm Street Dance for 6-9 years
 5.45-6.30pm Street Dance for 10-11 years
 6.30-7.15pm Street Dance for 12-13 years

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